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FIVE STAR's Return Requirements

If, for any reason, you should ever have to return anything to FIVE STAR
And you want the return handled smoothly and in a timely manner, please follow these simple instructions.

FIRST: There are no returns after 30 days of your invoice date.
Check to see that your return fits this requirement, if it does, proceed to step #2.

SECOND: All returns MUST have a Return Authorization Number. There are no exceptions. Without and RA#, We will not process your return. You can obtain an RA# by calling FIVE STAR (905) 688.9005 and asking for a RA#. After obtaining an RA#, proceed to step #3

THIRD: All returns MUST have a copy of your invoice and a reason stated on the invoice for the return (ie. wrong part #, donít need, etc.) Without a copy of your invoice and a reason stating your return, we will not process your return.

Please understand, the better you clarify the reason for your return and providing the proper paper work, RA# etc. The better your return will be handled. Also, please ensure that the parts are returned in the order and shape that you received them, if not an additional penalty might apply.

Please note: All returns are subject to a 20% restocking fee.

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